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Automatic system recovery

Many of our clients were surprised when we offered them this option. Most people think, that computer problems are inevitable and whenever something happens they have to call for technical support. Can you remember how many times you had to call your computer person to fix the same problem like a virus, windows crash or pop-ups?

Those type of problems are most common in the modern IT world. And probably one of the major income sources for most IT support companies.

However we don't get professional satisfaction from the jobs which we have to repeat over and over again. Also the better service we provide to our clients, the more business we get as a result. Because in most cases they would recommend us to their friends/business partners.

The solution we have come up with is not original, but rarely offered in majority of cases. (for obvious reasons)

The idea behind the solution is that it is possible to create an exact copy of your system hard drive with all the programs, system files and settings on it. Your hard drive will be partitioned into two logical drives, one for operating system and one for data and other files. When your computer is optimally tuned, we can create a full backup copy of your system drive using special software. Then if something goes wrong, all you have to do is to insert this "recovery cd" into your CDROM drive and restart your PC. The recovery process will start automatically and will do the job, which usually had to be done by your computer technician. It will clean up system drive (leaving untouched your second logical disk), and it will then put all the programs, operating system files and settings back, exactly as they were, when we created this system recovery cd. Furthermore, the whole process is fully automated (you don't even have to touch your keyboard) and takes only a few minutes. You might ask, what about all my programs, which I installed after recovery cd was created? Well, you'll have to reinstall them. It is a drawback of this system, however think about it for a minute. If you installed them yourself in the first place, it means you should be able to do it again, so no need to call for technical support. Also, imagine you invited some computer technician, would they do it for you? Well, it depends on how much you want to spend for their time...

The fact is that in most cases, a recovery cd is an ideal solution for home users and small businesses as it saves their time and money. While bigger companies still have to arrange for professional support, they are able to save significant amount of down time and money as it would take much less time to get their system back up and running in such cases.

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