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Computer Upgrades

If your computer is running slow, unable to run the latest software or you simply run out of free space on the hard drive, then it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Upgrading is always cheaper than buying a new computer system. The performance of the upgraded computer can be equivalent or very close to the performance of brand new systems.

Here at Intek we can assist you with upgrading your RAM, Hard Disk Drive, CPU, CD/DVD-RW drives, Video Card, or even perform the full system upgrade that would include Motherboard and all other performance related devices. Also because we deal direct with the major computer parts suppliers, we can get a wide variety of parts for prices significantly lower than average retail.

Once the hardware part of your computer is upgraded, we can also assist with the new software installation and configuration (e.g. Windows Vista, MS Office 2007 etc) so that you’ll feel like using the most up to date computer system again.

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