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Computer Forensics provides forensic data recovery, imaging, and electronic discovery services for hundreds of clients worldwide.

A computer forensic investigation involves the collection, preservation, and examination of various forms of digital media. This type of service involves an in-depth understanding of computer file systems, communication standards, along with thorough knowledge of proper procedure in handling sensitive information in order to hold up in a court of law if necessary.

Because we have the capability of using techniques used in the field of data recovery, we can better serve individuals, businesses, law firms and government agencies in the recovery of digital data used for evidence in civil and criminal litigations.

Our Primary Objective to Our Clients:
The primary objectives of our computer forensics division is to help serve our clients in obtaining electronic data from all forms of digital media regarding a specific object or activity. Our strict chain of custody policy ensures that every step is well documented. Our computer forensics specialists have the experience, knowledge and integrity needed to perform this type of investigation and to keep all findings secure and confidential at all times.


As computer forensics experts, INTEK.net Forensics has the advantage of dozens of years of combined experience, excellent qualifications and the backing of our top-tier data recovery lab. Our team is ready to go to work on your case providing superior electronic discovery, analysis, expert testimony and guiding you through every step of the computer forensic process from initial incident response toward courtroom success.


A chain of custody is chronological documentation for evidence in a particular case, and is especially important with electronic evidence due to the possibility of fraudulent data alteration, deletion, or creation. A fully detailed chain of custody report is necessary to prove the physical custody of a piece of evidence and show all parties that had access to said evidence at any given time.

Chain of custody reports are available for all computer forensic cases, and their use is strongly encouraged. If you have questions about chain of custody reports, contact 1.314.596.8750.


The process of electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, can be extremely expensive and requires a trained computer forensic professional to carry out safely without risking data or records stored on a computer (or the validity of a trial). Our engineers have dozens of years of combined experience dealing with electronic discovery on actual hard drives, not through simulations. To discuss an electronic discovery case, contact a computer forensic engineer at 1.314-596-8750.

Below are some frequently asked questions about computer forensics. If you can't find the answer you need here, please feel free to contact us by phone or ask a question with the online form.


Q: What is computer forensics?

A: There are many different "definitions" of computer forensics. Basically, computer forensics is the collection, preservation, and examination of all forms of digital media. Computer forensics is a specialized service that provides and documents digital evidence for use in litigation. A computer forensic investigation is highly disciplined and the results can be repeated and proven to be accurate, which is crucial for any digital evidence to be admissible in court.

Q: How does computer forensics differ from data recovery?

A: The goal of our data recovery procedures is solely to recover the files and folders lost due to a computer failure, unintentional deletion, or other unexpected circumstance, without monitoring the usage of the computer. Generally, data recovery could be considered the first step in gathering evidence in a computer forensics investigation. When digital media is imaged (an exact replica of the original), all files and folders are recovered along with deleted data. Also, the ability to view any hidden or unpartitioned space is gained as well.

Computer Forensics is a service that is concerned with providing evidence (or proving a lack of evidence) regarding how a computer was used, what files were accessed and at what time, and who had accessed them. Computer Forensics investigators are able to find, assemble, analyze, and explain large amounts of digital information that would not be particularly helpful for data recovery services, but are invaluable in a court of law.

Q: What is eDiscovery?

A: eDiscovery, also known as electronic discovery or e-discovery, is the process of searching for, locating, and documenting digital evidence from digital media such as computer hard drives, servers, flash drives, etc. e-Discovery differs from simply recovering hard documents because there is information that may be of importance that one does not see looking at the document itself.

Q: What can you discover?

A: Deleted emails, deleted chat logs, deleted pictures, hacking evidence, viewed web pages, login times, file MAC (modified, access, created/changed) times, various passwords and hundreds of other forensically relevant items. Because modern computers keep extensive records of nearly everything they’re used for, the possibilities are effectively limitless, which is why a trained computer forensic expert is necessary to narrow a search down to only what is pertinent to the investigation at hand.

Q: What costs are implicit in hiring a computer forensic expert?

A: Every case is different. Call us at 1.314-596-8750 to speak with an expert and discuss your specific situation.  Email jim@intek.net   or submit an online request click here

Our process follows these well-documented stages...

A computer forensics consultant will be assigned to your case from your initial call. This person will then take the necessary steps to begin the process of developing an effective strategy for your case by approaching and implementing our available technologies and methods to suit your individual case.

Our computer forensic specialists are trained to identify where key evidence is most likely to be located on the computer hard drive (or other digital medium). This is often possible even when the files have been "deleted" or the medium has been "formatted". Files cannot be recovered once they are strictly "overwritten", but there are often fragments of the files or other clues that may contain relevant information to the case at hand, which, without computer forensics would be lost forever.

After the initial phone consultation, you will receive a detailed quote, outlining the cost of the proposed services. This proposal will be tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Data Collection:
The data collection and documentation phase of our computer forensic/e-Discovery services begin once you send the digital media to our laboratory via FedEx overnight services. INTEK.net Data Recovery engineers can often determine whether computer evidence was tampered with, altered, damaged or removed. In many cases, dates of deletion or tampering can also be recovered or accurately estimated.

Depending on the requirements of our client, we can produce reports exhibiting our findings. Because every case has different requirements, the written report length and nature vary greatly.

Expert Testimony:
Once the computer forensic investigation is complete, our specialists can support your case by providing expert witness testimony.

Please call 1.314.596.8750 for more details.  Email jim@intek.net or ask a question with the online form

What we can find...

Our electronic discovery and computer forensic services can recover data that was treated maliciously (deleted files, intentional virus infection, intentional infliction of physical damage) as well as digital clues that provide vital information about how certain files or file types were treated and used. Data can be discovered based on key relevant phrases or evidence of a certain user’s habits can be found, depending on the usage circumstances of a certain computer, cell phone, flash drive, or other digital medium.

Simply put: we can find anything that is stored on the digital media you send us. In most cases we can find and uncover deleted data, password protected data, hidden data, pictures, emails, and all other available data that is stored on a digital media in a fraction of the time it would take to manually look through. The tools INTEK.net has at its disposal are the latest in the computer forensic field, and are proven to be effective in court.

All that you, the client, need to do is guide us in the direction you want our investigation to go and we will find supporting evidence to your case should it exist on the media you provide.

The best way to determine whether computer forensic data services are appropriate in your case is to speak with one of our computer forensic engineers. Describe the situation in as much detail as possible by calling 1.314.596.8750 or Click Here and fill out the form.

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