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A Women Owned, Small Business

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Layout - concept or idea of how the homepage is displayed - work toward agreement

Other websites your likes or dislikes Show us what you don't like

Pictures - full size and thumbnails 100x100 no larger -

Links - what links need to be displayed - trade links - link to exchange -

Banners - image for advertising

Marquee - moving text what text
static or dynamic

Verbage - static text - think keywords that search engines like for your business - copy and paste Company profile, Contact info,

Profile - company information

Contact on each page - short form -
physical address,

Navigation - shopping kart, parts, manufacturers

phone number on each page - toll free number

payment processing services - checkout process - enter payment sends TOTAL and Credit Card to payment center - send the total pay via payment center -

SECURE SHOPPING - SSL provided by PayPal - go in and tell them to move money to bank - or YourPay gateway automatically dumps money in bank.

Order info, ship to etc. retained by website - email notification -



SSL Certificate


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