VoIP - Voice over IP

By 2010, Gartner Dataquest predicts that 97% of all telephone systems will be pure IP or hybrids of traditional telephony with IP capabilities. The decision today then, is not whether to choose VoIP but when to make the leap and how to best use the technology.

3Com Voice Over IP Phone System

3 com has over 25,000 installations worldwide. INTEK.net and CDS have over 100 installations locally and we are proud to announce we have 100% satisfaction with all our phone clients. Not only is this product the latest and greatest technology, we also have the best engineering team to implement and support you on a local level. We take great pride in keeping you happy so that you can truly enjoy technology that will save you money, time and certainly keep you on the leading edge to compete with your competition. Internet protocol telephony, or IP telephony offers opportunity for companies to connect their sites by sending both voice and computer data through the same telecommunications network.

Allow one of our consultants to demonstrate a portable system on your premises today. We can demonstrate these powerful features and show strong reasons why you need to incorporate up-to-date technology in your telecommunications system. Don't fall behind! We Connect People!

System Capacity Scalable to support up to 1,500 devices per location per local (including up to 720 PSTN line)

Voice Network Connectivity Loop start analog lines with caller ID capability; T1, T1/PRI, E1/PRI, SDN BRI-ST, and Q.SIG/PRI

Traditional Telephones Analog Terminal Cards for multiple traditional (2500) phones or G 3fax machine; Legacy Link digital gateways for reuse of existing Nortel handset

3Com IP Worktops Featuring the 3Com 3100 Entry Phone, 3101 Basic Phone, 3101 Basic
Phone with Speaker, 3102 Business Phone, 3103 Manager Phone, 3105 Attendant Console,
and 3106C and 3107C Cordless IP Phones.

Lower costs Eliminate the cost of operating and maintaining separate voice and data networks. Web- based administration and user programming makes it easy to add, move and change user services.

Increase productivity Accomplish more in less time with built-in call processing features including
voicemail and automated attendant.

Improve customer interactions Enjoy easy integration with off-the-shelf customer relationship
management (CRM) and call center applications.

Protect your investment Expand your system up to 1,000 users to meet your growing business

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